Active Hurricane Prevention with TUBE™

Hurricanes only form when SSTs (Sea Surface Temperatures) are greater than 80oF (26.6o C), and cooler SSTs mean weaker hurricanes .  The TUBE™ is a patented deep sea cold water upwelling device and it efficiently pumps over 3,000,000 gallons of warm surface water per minute to over 600 feet deep (or even to extreme depths)  to create an upwelling of cold water that reduces SSTs.  It covers pre-programmed areas by constantly moving around the deep sea in front of approaching hurricanes guided by an internal GPS navigational system.  

Since most hurricanes will have already formed when the device is used it will not generally stop hurricanes but as the hurricane passes over the cooler SSTs the hurricane's intensity will be reduced helping to minimize hurricane damage. 

Biologically, upwelling of nutrient rich deep water is documented to be beneficial to fishery resources. As these benefits are more completely documented, use of the TUBE could be increased for fishery enhancement helping reduce the global SSTs increases attributed to global warming.  

It would take a network of these devices to fully protect developed coastal areas, and it is estimated that each device would cost around $3,000,000.  However, with hurricane losses reaching all time highs at over 46 billion dollars in the United States alone in 2005, the cost of deploying these devices is minimal.  Since hurricane damages are projected to continue rising in future years due to coastal development and a peak in the hurricane cycles in the Atlantic Basin, now it is the time to invest in coastal protection.

The inventor will make the patent available without charge to any government organization that is willing to build prototype units and test them as long as the government agrees to share its findings and building experiences. 

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Learn About the Inventor and the Tube In the News from WYFF News Channel 4
Greenville, South Carlina

Learning More About The TUBE™
 (Thermal Underwater Buoyancy Exchange)

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